Pictured below are a set of selects from my recent trip to Iceland. 

In late October, I had the opportunity to hop on a plane and fly to Iceland with my two great friends (@kent_johns & @mikeygraef). Upon arrival it was pitch dark outside, we couldn’t see a thing from the plane window and were actually able to contain our excitement... at least until we reached the car rental. We quickly placed our things inside the vehicle and began what was the most legendary trip of our lives. Over the course of 12 days we worked our way from Reykjavik, eastward around the entire island witnessing enormous waterfalls, the northern lights, colossal icebergs and near death experiences.

Out of the 12 days spent in Iceland only ONE of those nights was spent in an hostel (meaning one shower as well haha). The rest of the nights were spent car camping near each of the unique locations we were able to visit. Although it was a cold, smelly and uncomfortable experience, I have no regrets and believe that it was one of the best ways to experience the beautiful area we were at. We were able to wake up everyday, throw our shoes on and start shooting, experiencing, and above all living it up in a matter of 5 minutes. This was so important and also very memorable. It also kept costs down and gave us an earlier start to each morning. 10/10 recommend.

I hope you all enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them. Please let me know what you think below and continue following the adventure @tuckerdoss