About Tucker: Tucker Doss Troupe is a commercial and lifestyle photographer based out of Seattle, WA. With each click of the shutter he aims to create a visual story and surface emotion. Through his work he has accumulated a following of over 62,000 on social media which continues to flourish more each day. 

When Tucker isn't capturing photos, you can find him playing in 120 mph winds while peaking a cliff in Iceland, back-flipping a snowboard into 3 feet of Cascade POW-POW, or surfing the icy rivers of Montana. Whatever he is doing you know it will be creative, outdoors and maybe a little dangerous. 

The best photographer in the world
— Tucker's Mom
“I brag about my photo shoot with Tucker Doss to all my friends. I’m obsessed with his work and am looking forward to what he has to offer to others through photography. Tucker’s photos are more than just photo’s they make you feel as if you’re actually there just by looking at his shots. That’s how cool he really is. He’s got a gift, glad he can share it.”
— Virginia (Portraiture Client)
Good Luck
— Tucker's Dad